Rehearsal photographs and YouTube Promo.


The Owl and The Pussycat Went to See..... tells the story of Edward Lear's famous characters, the Owl and the Pussycat, after they embark on a journey in their Pea Green Boat, setting sail looking for someone to marry them. Whilst on their travels they meet a selection of other unusual, fantasy Lear characters from all his poetry including the Quangle Wangle Quee, Professor Bosh, The Dong and The Runcible Spoon as well as the villainous Plum Pudding Flea.
Turning Point used this delightful family musical as an opportunity for some of the younger members of the company to work alongside more experienced players in a full scale production, having only really taken part previously in variety shows and concerts. The show was well received by all age groups and highly praised for it's innovative set design and musicality.

CAST: Owl - Stephen Lewis, Pussycat - Vicky Nagy, The Dong - Dale Smith, The Quangle Wangle - Matthew Dean, Mr Canary - Faith Saturley, Mrs Canary - Natasha Dean, The Runcible Spoon - Claire Thompson, The Plum Pudding Flea - Andy Killen, Professor Bosh - Sam Tyler, The Pig - Faith Saturley, The Turkey - Graham Mewis, Head Jumbly - Caroline Kendall, The Jumbly Girl - Faith Saturley, Jumbly Two - Natasha Dean, Jumbly Three - Kaia Pilbeam-Smith, Jumbly Four - Dorothy Turner, Extra Jumblies - Katie Smith & Lily Stone.